November 2014

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Gathered Treasures Nov. 2013

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Novemeber 2012

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Nov 4th Vendor List

CAROL-Primitive Heart & Hand- Antiques & Primitive Handmades CAROLYN THORNTON -Black Cat Primitives-Antiques & Primitive Smalls LINDA CLAYTON-Primitive Smalls & Antiques BONNIE ELLIS-Antiques & Primitive Smalls DENISE STACKO-Antiques & Primitives SANDY RISNER-The Painted Chair-Antiques & Painted Wares BARB DAVIS-Vintage & Antiques RICK & STACEY McCLURE-Tattered'nTorn-Handmade Wooden Wares & Primitive Cloth Handmades JULIE THORNTON- Bits & Bobs-Hooked Rugs & Antiques DORRIS & CHRISTIE CROWLEY-Olde Crow Antiques & Primitives CHARLIE CLAY-Dad's Primitive Workbench-Antiques & Primitive Wares TAMMY JIAS-Grungy Primitives-Wonderful Grungy Handmades CATHY SHRADER KRUPA-Village Thyme-Primitive & Farmhouse Wares JULIE BUTLER-Plum Run Creek-Antiques & Hooked Pieces AMY COX-Amy's Handcrafted Scents-Primitives & Antiques JUDY LILLO-Old Glory-Antiques & Painted Wares CINDI HURTT & ELAINE HATFIELD-Folk Art Stone-Jewelry & Handmade Wares VICKIE THIGPEN-Primitive Keepings-Antiques, Primitives & Grungy Handmades SHELLEY McCALLUM-Keeper's Of The Past-Antiques LEE & ROBIN HARRISON-Millstone Mercantile-Antiques & Primitives PAM PETERS-Antiques & Primitives SUE LINDSEY-Black Walnut Holler-Antiques & Primitives DEANA WEBBER-Old Goat Primitives-Antiques & Primitive Handmades KEVIN & BONNIE GALLAWAY- Back To Our Cabin Primitives-Antiques & Primitives JACKIE DAVIS PATTEN-Antiques & Primitives STEPHANIE FOLEY-Rachel's Ladder-Prim-Farmhouse Inspired & Rusty Antiques DAN & SUSAN SMITH-Antiques BETH PULSIPHER-Antiques & Country Wares ALICE FRAZIER-Folk Art Primitives-Hooking Wares & Beautiful Wool VIVIAN SCHOMBURG-Accents On Primitives-Handmade Painted Wooden Wares JERRY BECKLEY-Antiques & Great Smalls MARCIA ROSSLER-Thyme For All Seasons-Antiques & Primitive Handmades ELLEN PERRY & GWEN WEBSTER-Antiques & Vintage Jewelry JOYCE HENSLEY- Pieces Of Olde-Antiques & Primitive Handmades SHARON DeCOMMAN-Antiques & Primitive Smalls JAMIE & TINKER DAVIDSON- Antiques & Primitives KATHY BRANDLE- Antiques At The Old Brick Church CHERYL FREDERICK & IIA BANKS-Junk & Disorderly-Vintage & Repurosed Wares BOB & DIANE KEMMER-Primitive Pickers- Antiques & Primitive Handmades THERESA SUMMERS-Antiques BARB DUNLAP- Antiques LAURA WILLACKER-Vintage Wares & Antiques GINA HOOVEN- Hoovenhouse Antiques- Early Country & Primitives CAROLYN EIPPERT-Antiques & Primitives SAM & DONNA LIVIGNI-Downright Country-Antiques & Primitive Handmades

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nov 2016 Slide Show

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

April 8, 2017 10-4 Spring Show

We hope all of your friends are saving the date. The spring show is right around the corner! Stay tuned for our vendor list, coming soon!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Thank you!

A HUGE thank you to all of our vendors and customers! This was our best attended show yet and if you didn't get a chance to come, watch for our up coming slide show and save the date to join us for the spring show, April 8, 2017.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Vendor List for November 5, 2016

Carolyn Thornton-Black Cat Primitives Linda Clayton Vicki Ann Futey Bonnie Ellis Denise Stacho Sandy Risner Barb Davis Rick & Stacey McClure Tammy Spiecher Debbie Miller Julie Thornton Dorris & Christy Crowley Charlie Clay Julie Butler Paula O'ann Amy Cox Judy Lillo Sue Dishop Cindi Hurtt & Elaine Hatfield Vickie Thigpen Shelley McCallum Robin Harrison Pam Peters Sue Lindsey Deana Webber Pat Knapp Beth Pulsipher Dick & Dawn Rossell Kevin & Bonnie Gallaway Alice Frazier Vivian Schomburg Jerry Beckley Carol Ellen Perry & Gwen Webster Joyce Hensley Sharon DeCooman James Hammel Gina Hooven Kathy Brandle Cheryl Frederick Bob & Diane Kemmer Theresa Summers Barb Dunlap Laura Willacker Susan Hart Keri Fritz-Schuler Carolyn Eippert Sam & Donna Livigni

Saturday, February 20, 2016

November 2015

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April 9, 2016 Vendor List

SHELLEY McCALLUM~Keepers Of The Past~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
JUDY LILLO~Old Glory~Antiques & Handmades
DENISE STACHO~Antiques & Primitives
JAMES HAMMEL~Antiques & Primitives
SUE LINDSEY~Black Walnut Holler~Antiques & Primitives ...
SANDY RISNER~The Painted Chair~Antiques & Painted Wares
ALICE FRAZIER~Folk Art Primitives~Beautiful Wool & Hooked Rugs
LOU & VIVIAN SCHOMBURG~Accents On Primitives~Handmade Wooden Wares
MARSHA ALBRECHT~Kindred Spirits~Country Antiques
SAM & DONNA LIVIGNI~Downright Country~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
RICK & STACEY McCLURE~Tattered'n Torn Prim & Uniquely Primitive Wooden Wares
CAROLYN THORNTON~Black Cat Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
CAROL~Heart In Hand Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
JULIE THORNTON~Crude Black Ewe~Antiques & Hooked Rugs
GAIL SCHMESSER~Abigail's Country Cabin Antiques~Primitive Smalls & Antiques
RHONDA AQUINO~Tattered Barn Cat Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
DEANA WEBBER~Old Goat Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
PAM PETERS~Antiques & Primitive Wares
ROBIN SAVILLE HARRISON~Millstone Mercantile~Antiques & Primitives & Needful Goods
CHERYL FREDERICK & IIA BANKS~Junk & Disorderly~Vintage Wares & Handmades
BOB & DIANE KEMMER~Primitive Pickers~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
LINDA CLAYTON~Antiques & Primitives
VICKI VELLIQUETTE~Antiques & Primitive Wares
ANN FUTEY~Antiques & Primitive Wares
BONNIE ELLIS~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
JOYCE HENSLEY~Pieces Of Olde~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
SHARON DeCOOMAN~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
ELLEN PERRY & GWEN WEBSTER ~Antiques & Vintage Jewelry
CHARLIE CLAY~Dad's Primitive Workbench~ Antiques & Primitive Wares
CINDI HURTT & ELAINE HATFIELD~Folk Art Stone & Jewerly DORRIS & CHRISTIE CROWLEY~Old Crow Antiques & Primitives
DAN & SUSAN SMITH~ Antiques & Primitive Smalls
MARSHA ROSSLER~Thyme For All Seasons~Antiques & Primitives
KATHY BRANDLE~Antiques At The Old Brick Church
SUSAN HART~Shepard's Creek~Antiques & Handmade Sheep
CAROLYN EIPPERT~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
MELISSA SNYDER~Antques & Primitives
BARB JOHNSON~Painted Pony Antiques
DICK & DAWN ROSSELL~Holly Hill Primitives
DOUG MUSSER~Homestead Antiques
MARIE FAREN~Muddy Creek Mercantile & Antiques
BETH PULSIPHER ~Beth Pulsipher Antiques
SUE DISHOP~Maggie Blair House~Antiques & Primitives
DAPHNE ROSS~Just Enough Antiques
AMY COX~Amy's Handcrafted Scents~Antiques & Candles
HELEN EWALT DEEBLE~ Dust To Must Primitives~ Primitive Handmades
KERI FRITZ-SCHULER ~ Antiques & Primitive Handmades
THERESA SUMMERS~Early Antiques & Primitives
JERRY BECKLEY~Antiques & Great Smalls
ANN McKINNEY~ Antiques & Vintage Wares
JANE WALLACE~ Old Mother Hubbard~Antiques & Handmades
BOB BACHMAN ~ Wonderful Handmade Furinture