November 2014

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Gathered Treasures Nov. 2013

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Novemeber 2012

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

November 2015

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April 9, 2016 Vendor List

SHELLEY McCALLUM~Keepers Of The Past~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
JUDY LILLO~Old Glory~Antiques & Handmades
DENISE STACHO~Antiques & Primitives
JAMES HAMMEL~Antiques & Primitives
SUE LINDSEY~Black Walnut Holler~Antiques & Primitives ...
SANDY RISNER~The Painted Chair~Antiques & Painted Wares
ALICE FRAZIER~Folk Art Primitives~Beautiful Wool & Hooked Rugs
LOU & VIVIAN SCHOMBURG~Accents On Primitives~Handmade Wooden Wares
MARSHA ALBRECHT~Kindred Spirits~Country Antiques
SAM & DONNA LIVIGNI~Downright Country~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
RICK & STACEY McCLURE~Tattered'n Torn Prim & Uniquely Primitive Wooden Wares
CAROLYN THORNTON~Black Cat Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
CAROL~Heart In Hand Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
JULIE THORNTON~Crude Black Ewe~Antiques & Hooked Rugs
GAIL SCHMESSER~Abigail's Country Cabin Antiques~Primitive Smalls & Antiques
RHONDA AQUINO~Tattered Barn Cat Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
DEANA WEBBER~Old Goat Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
PAM PETERS~Antiques & Primitive Wares
ROBIN SAVILLE HARRISON~Millstone Mercantile~Antiques & Primitives & Needful Goods
CHERYL FREDERICK & IIA BANKS~Junk & Disorderly~Vintage Wares & Handmades
BOB & DIANE KEMMER~Primitive Pickers~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
LINDA CLAYTON~Antiques & Primitives
VICKI VELLIQUETTE~Antiques & Primitive Wares
ANN FUTEY~Antiques & Primitive Wares
BONNIE ELLIS~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
JOYCE HENSLEY~Pieces Of Olde~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
SHARON DeCOOMAN~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
ELLEN PERRY & GWEN WEBSTER ~Antiques & Vintage Jewelry
CHARLIE CLAY~Dad's Primitive Workbench~ Antiques & Primitive Wares
CINDI HURTT & ELAINE HATFIELD~Folk Art Stone & Jewerly DORRIS & CHRISTIE CROWLEY~Old Crow Antiques & Primitives
DAN & SUSAN SMITH~ Antiques & Primitive Smalls
MARSHA ROSSLER~Thyme For All Seasons~Antiques & Primitives
KATHY BRANDLE~Antiques At The Old Brick Church
SUSAN HART~Shepard's Creek~Antiques & Handmade Sheep
CAROLYN EIPPERT~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
MELISSA SNYDER~Antques & Primitives
BARB JOHNSON~Painted Pony Antiques
DICK & DAWN ROSSELL~Holly Hill Primitives
DOUG MUSSER~Homestead Antiques
MARIE FAREN~Muddy Creek Mercantile & Antiques
BETH PULSIPHER ~Beth Pulsipher Antiques
SUE DISHOP~Maggie Blair House~Antiques & Primitives
DAPHNE ROSS~Just Enough Antiques
AMY COX~Amy's Handcrafted Scents~Antiques & Candles
HELEN EWALT DEEBLE~ Dust To Must Primitives~ Primitive Handmades
KERI FRITZ-SCHULER ~ Antiques & Primitive Handmades
THERESA SUMMERS~Early Antiques & Primitives
JERRY BECKLEY~Antiques & Great Smalls
ANN McKINNEY~ Antiques & Vintage Wares
JANE WALLACE~ Old Mother Hubbard~Antiques & Handmades
BOB BACHMAN ~ Wonderful Handmade Furinture

Friday, October 16, 2015

November 7th Vendor List

Vendor list so far for Nov. 7, 2015
Gail Schmesser~ Abigails Country Cabin Antiques~Primitive Smalls & Antiques
Dorris & Chrisite Crowley~Olde Crow Antiques & Primitives
Barb Davis~Antiques & Vintage
Shelley McCallum~Keeper Of The Past~Antiques & Primitives
Dan & Susan Smith~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Rick & Stacey McClure~Tattered’n Torn Prims & Uniquely Prim Wood & Cloth
Cheryl Frederick & IIa Banks~Junk & Disordley~Antiques, Vintage, Handmades
Amy Cox~Amy’s Hancrafted Scents, Antiques & Candles
Lou & Vivian Schomburg~Accents On Primitives~Wonderful Handmade Wooden Wares
Carol~ Heart In Hand Primitives~Antiques & Primitives
Sam & Donna Livigoni~Downright Country~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Beth Pulsipher~Schoolcraft Antiques~ Country Wares & Antiques
Kathy Brandle~Antiques At The Old Brick Church~Primitive Smalls and Antiques
Bob & Diane Kemmer~Primitive Pickers~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Lesa Cook~ Antiques & Primitives
Vicki Velliquette~Primitive Handmades & Antiques
Joyce Hensley~Pieces Of Olde~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Sharon DeCooman~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Barbara Dunlap~ Antiques
Barb Johnson~Painted Pony Antiques~Antiques & Primitives
Jerry Beckley~Antiques & Great Smalls
Theresa Summers~ Antiques
Ann Fuety~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Julie Thornton~Crude Black Ewe~ Antiques & Hooked Rugs
Ellen Perry & Gwen Webster~Antiques & Vintage Jewelry
Bonnie Ellis~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Marie Faren~Muddy Creek Mercantile Antiques~Primitive Smalls & Antiques
Doug Musser~Antiques & Primitives
Cindi Hurtt & Elaine Hatfield~Folk Art Stone &  Handmade Jewelry
Robin Saville Harrison~Millstone Mercantile~Antiques, Primitives , Needful Goods
Alice Fraizer ~Folk Art Primitives~Beautiful Wool & Hooked Rugs
Cecilia Taylor~Henhouse Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Carolyn Eippert~Antiques & Primitives
Rhonda Aquino~Tattered Barn Cat Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Sue Lindsey~Black Walnut Holler~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Pam Summer Peters~Antiques & Primitives
Carolyn Thornton~Black Cat Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Deana Webber ~ Old Goat Primitives- Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Susan Meadows Hart ~ Shepards Creek Woolery - Antiques & Handmade Sheep
Charlie Clay~ Dad’s Primitive Workbench- Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Laura Willacker~ Vintage Wares & Antiques
Denise Stacho~ Antiques & Primitive Wares
Michelle Hamilton~ Butternut Ridge Primitives- Reproduction Furniture & Primitive Smalls
Denise Brewer~ Brewer’s Barn- Antiques & Primitives
Melissa Snyder~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Ann McKinney~ Vintage Wares & Antiques
Cindy Mc Claran – Gobbler's Nob Antiques & Collections - Antiques
Sandy Risner~ The Painted Chair- Antiques & Painted Wares
Tammy Speicher~By Thy Hands Tinkerings Folk Art – Adorable Handmade Dolls & Mohair Bears
Debbie Mass Miller~ The Onion Patch- Beautiful Handmades & Antiques
Deborah Ann Synk – Antiques & Handmades
Bob Bachman – Handmade Furniture & Smalls

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Time is growing short, but our vendor list isn't!

Time is growing short, but our vendor list isn't!

Marcia Rossler~Thyme For All Seasons ~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Ellen Perry & Gwen Webster~Antiques & Vintage Jewerlry
Marsha Albrecht~Antiques & Primitives
Jane Wallace~Old Mother Hubbard~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Doug Musser~Homestead Antiques
Marie Faren~Country Primitives~~Antiques & Primitives
Kathy Brandle~Antiques At The Old Brick Church
Angie Trout~Antiques
Cheryl Fredrick & IIa Banks~Junk & Disorderly~Repurposed Furniture & Vintage Wares
Bob & Diane Kemmer~Primitive PIckers~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Theresa Summers~Early Antiques & Primitives
Barb Dunlap~Antiques
Laura Willacker~Vintage Wares & Antiques
Kay Hinton~Hinton Primitives ~Handmade Primitives & Antiques
Carolyn Eippert~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Bob Bachman~Wonderful Handmade Furniture & Smalls
Pam Peters~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Joyce Hensley~Pieces Of Olde~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Sharon DeCooman~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Deana Weber~Old Goat Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Shelley McCallum~Keepers Of The Past~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Rhonda Aquino~Tattered Barn Cat~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Dan & Susann Smith~Antiques & Wonderful Smalls
Sue Lindsey~Black Walnut Holler~Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Cindi Hurtt & Elaine Hatfield~Folk Art Stone & Handmades
Daphne Ross~Just Enough Antiques~Great Barn Finds & Primitive Smalls
Barb Davis~Antiques
Jerry Beckley~Antiques & Great Smalls
Sherry Hayton~Weymouth Woodcrafts~Handmade Furniture & Smalls
Carolyn Thornton~Black Cat Primitives~Porch & Garden Finds & Primitive Smalls
Barb Johnson~Painted Pony Antiques~Antiques & Primitives
Tammy Speicher~By Thy Hand Tinkerings~Handmade Dolls & Mohair Bears
Debbie Miller~The Onion Patch~Beautiful Handmades & Antiques
Dorris & Christie Crowley~Olde Crow Primitives~Antiques & Primitives
Michelle Hamilton~Butternut Ridge Primitives~Reproduction Furniture & Primitive Smalls
Rod & Denise Brewer~Uniquely Ours~Antiques & Repurposed Furniture
Pat Knapp~Antiques
Melissa Snyder~This And That Antiques~Primitives & Antiques
Amy Cox~Amy's Handcrafted Scents~Antiques & Handmade Candles
Ann McKinney~Vintage Wares & Antiques
Cindy McClaren~Antiques
Carol~Heart And Hand Primitives~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Linda Clayton~Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Vicki Velliquette~Primitive Handmades & Antiques
Larry & Bonnie Ellis~Antiques & Primitives
Denise Stacho~Antiques & Primitives
Sandy Risner~The Painted Chair~Antiques & Painted Wares
Pat Hershey & Amber Ward~Irongate Antiquities~Barn Finds & Antiques
Rick & Stacey McClure~Tattered n' Torn Prims & Uniquely Wood & Cloth~Wonderful Handmades & Wood Wares
Julie Thornton~Crude Black Ewe~Hooked Rugs & Antiques
Mercantile Gatherings

Thursday, February 19, 2015

vendor List, April 11, 2015

Vendor list for April 11, 2015

Tammy Speicher~~By Thy Hand Tinkerings - -Handmade Dolls & Mohair Bears

Debbie Miller~~ The Onion Patch—Beautiful Handmades & Antiques

Mercantile Gathering Magazine

Julie Thornton~~Crude Black Ewe

Pat Knapp~Antiques

Shelly McCallum~~Keepers Of The Past-Antiques & Primitive Smalls

Marsha Albrecht~~Antiques & Primitives

Jane Wallace~~Old Mother Hubbard-Antiques & Primitive Handmades

Carol~~Heart to Hand Primitives—Antiques & Primitive Handmades

Doug Musser~~Homestead Antiques

Marie Faren~~Country Primitives—Antiques & Primitives

Denise Stacho~~Antiques & Primitives

Barb Davis~~Antiques

Carolyn Thornton~~Black Cat Primitives—Porch & Garden Finds & Primitive Smalls

Dan & Susanna Smith~~Antiques & Wonderful Smalls

Larry & Bonnie Ellis~~Antiques & Primitives

Kathy Brandle~~Antiques at the Old Brick Church

Theresa Summers~~Early Antiques & Primitives

Bob & Diane Kemmer~~Primitive Pickers—Antiques & Primitive Smalls

Sue Lindsey~~Black Walnut Holler—Antiques & Primitive Wares

Jerry Beckley—Antiques & Great Smalls

Rick & Stacey McClure~~Tattered’n Torn Prims & Uniquely Prim Wood & Coth

Rhonda Aquino~~Tattered Barn Cat—Primitive Handmades & Antiques

Cheryl Fredrick & IIa Banks~~Junk & Disorderly—Repurposed & Vintage Wares

Michelle Hamilton~~Butternut Ridge Primitives~~Reproduction Furniture & Primitive Smalls

Rod & Denise Brewer~~Brewers Barn—Antiques & Primitives

Monday, October 6, 2014

November 1, 2014 Vendor List

Mercantile Gatherings Magazine
Julie Thornton-Crude Black Ewe-Hooked Rugs & Primitives
Carol-Primitive Heart & Hand-Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Carolyn Thornton-Black Cat Primitives-Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Rick & Stacey McClure~Tattered’nTorn Prims & Uniquely Primitive Wood & Cloth
Dan & Susanna Smith- Antiques
Marsha Albrecht-Antiques & Primitives
Joyce Hensley-Pieces Of Olde-Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Sharon DeCooman-Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Helen Deeble-Dust To Must Primitives-Primitive Handmades
Doug Musser-Homestead Antiques
Marie Faren-Country Primitives-Antiques & Primitives
Bob & Diane Kemmer-Primitive Pickers-Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Barb Davis-Antiques
Larry & Kay Grandey-Primitive Pickers-Country Finds & Handmades
Cheryl Frederick & IIa Banks-Junk & Disorderly-Painted & Primitive Wares
Diane Windle-Windles Log Cabin Antiques-Primitive Smalls & Antiques
Julie Bolanz-Winter Folk Whimsy-Great Painted Folk Art Pieces
Kathy Brandle-Antiques
Denise Brewer-Brewer’s Barn-Antiques & Country Primitive
Lou & Vivian Schomburg-Accents On Primitives-Wonderful Handmade Wooden Wares
Sam & Donna Livign-Downright Country-Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Jerry Beckley-Antiques & Great Smalls
Vicki Velliquette-Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Nancy Dressler-The Common Thread-Needlework & Smalls
Shelley McCallum-Keepers Of The Past-Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Larry & Bonnie Ellis-Primitive Smalls & Antiques
Ann Futey-Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Sherry Heyton-Weymouth Woodcrafts-Handmade Furniture
Deanne Weber-Old Goat Primitives-Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Ellen Perry & Gwen Webster-Antiques & Vintage Jewerly
Bob Bachman-Ohio River Valley Cabinet Co.-Handmade Furniture & Smalls
Pam Peters- Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Alice Frazier-Folk Art Primitives-Hooked Rugs & Wool
Kim Rolland & Cheryl Brown-Twisted Sisters-Vintage & Barn Finds
Michelle Hamilton-Butternut Ridge Primitives-Early Looking Wares & Handmades
Rhonda Aqunio-Tattered Barn Cat Primitives-Antiques & Primitive Handmades
Cecilia Taylor-Henhouse Primitives-Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Debbie Walters-Antiques
Laura Willacker-Vintage & Antiques
Carolyn Eippert-Antiques & Primitive Smalls
Susan Hart-Shepards Creek-Primitive Handmades
Susan Green-Repurposed Furniture
Sandy Risner-The Painted Chair-Antiques & Painted Wares
Paige Price-Rural Society-Primitives
Keri Fritz-Schuler-Primitive Handmades 
Anne McKinney-Vintage &  Antiques
Cindy McClaran-Antiques
Angie Trout-Primitives & Primitive Smalls
Tim Harr-Antiques & Country Smalls
Theresa Summers- Early Antiques & Primitives
Sherry Davis- Antiques & Uniques
Jacki Griffith- Early Antiques & Primitives

Tuesday, October 29, 2013